How I Grew My Blog (ft. Lady Boss Blogger)

Over 5 years ago, I opened my computer for the first time with a free WordPress account, and a dream.

Since then, I’ve created an online platform designed to encourage mothers – and women – who struggle with anxiety, and I’ve grown my blog to what it is now. Has it been easy? No. Do I still have a lot to learn? Yes.

And speaking of which, let me introduce you to one of the most helpful teachers in the blog industry that I’ve worked with thus far, Elaine Rau: also known as the Lady Boss Blogger.

Elaine is a full-time content creator, who has been seen on Forbes and Huffpost. She has obviously learned a ton through being a full-time content creator, and she thoughtfully and meticulously put together a great online course called Grow Christian Blog.

The Grow Christian Blog course is jam-packed with useful information, and it is all centered around not only growing your blog, but growing it using the gifts God has blessed you with. Her focus teeters between helpful blogging tips and Christian encouragement, which I personally love.

Her course goes through subjects like how to balance your life and blog, faith-based business principles, and a thorough walkthrough of Pinterest and optimizing SEO.

Pinterest is one of the most under-utilized platforms right now, and I am guilty of being yet another blogger who doesn’t take advantage of the exposure Pinterest offers.

If you’re a blogger who struggles with figuring out how to create an email list – or you wonder why that’s even important – Elaine talks about that too, extensively. As I’ve seen many times, but especially during the rare (but possible) social media blackouts (remember when Facebook and Instagram went down, anyone?) – email lists are especially important. Fearing that my social media accounts may be down for good, I was relieved to remember that I had a good number of email subscribers within reach. I was able to send them a quick email explaining what was happening, and reminded them that we still had this means of communication. Email will stand the test of time – as will your blog. Social media is fun, and is definitely worth *some* of your time, but many of us devote way too much time to our social media accounts when our time would be more productively spent elsewhere.

Now that I’ve completed the Grow Christian Blog course, I feel like I have a better understanding of a lot of things, including things that were super confusing to me before (like SEO – what is that??). I’m grateful to Elaine and the hard work and time she put into creating this course.

If you’re interested in growing your blog, and you – like myself – have a lot of questions of where to even begin, I highly recommend visiting and checking out this course for yourself! Elaine’s blog and social media accounts are also packed with useful knowledge and expertise. Once you sign up and gain access to this course, your log in never expires! This is ideal for the beginner who is just getting started, but also for the bloggers who know they will have more questions later down the road.

After finishing this course, my Instagram broke 11,000 followers and my blog gained more traction. I still have a ways to go in order to meet my personal goals, but I am positive that this course has given me a one-up as I move in the right direction.

Where is your biggest struggle? What part of blogging is most intimidating to you? Let me know in the comments!


One thought on “How I Grew My Blog (ft. Lady Boss Blogger)

  1. wow…so much to learn from your post….for someone who’s starting off on this at WP i’m quite impressed with what you seem to know…very impressive…will certainly visit the site you recommend and look around…..blessings to you and I sure hope you get to change your blog title to “Ex-Anxious Mom” soon because titles and names can be prophetic and come true….just my thought based on something I learnt recently so thought i’d put it out there….hope it helps….i just mean to see you well….cheers and blessings in the Name of Jesus


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