6 Halloween Inspired Self Care Ideas

Spooky self care anyone?? Every October, I like to get into the spooky spirit by doing a few of my favorite things – but with a Halloween twist!

1.Read a Halloween-themed (spooky) novel

This year I read The Haunting of the Aberdeen Estates, which currently is only $0.99 in the Kindle store. It was a little over 260 pages long, and was an easy read. It wasn’t too scary, but just spooky enough to keep me wanting to know more. This story is about a Haunted Mansion and the family(s) who dared to live there. Check it out!

2. Enjoy a halloween mani (in the comfort of your own home)

I really wanted to have a spooky mani this year, and despite my best efforts to find press-on nails at Target or Walmart, they all led to disappointment. Press-on nails are the way to go if you want cheap and easy manis that you can do at home! Check out these adorable Bat and Ghost nails by Red Aspen – they’re perfect for this spooky season, and they are reusable (unlike the press-on nails you will find at Target or Walmart). I go back and forth between Red Aspen and Impress, but overall I like the durability of Red Aspen, the strength of their nail glue, and the fact that they are definitely reusable. Which style is your favorite??

3.Take a relaxing (spooky) bath

Enjoy a halloween-themed bath with these cute bath bombs from Target! Check out the Holler and Glow Pumpkin bath bomb, or this Galaxy Bath Bomb that’s supposed to turn your bath a blackish-purple (but won’t stain your tub). Holler and Glow also make an adorable Witch Hat Bath Bomb, or a two-tone Skeleton if that’s more your jam.

4. Spooky makeup anyone?

Go out on a limb and try this glow in the dark makeup that’s sure to spice up any nighttime outing you have leading up to Halloween! I think this is a cute and simple way to dress up for the night, especially since the make up shouldn’t be super noticeable in the daytime!

5. Halloween Decor (for cheap)

Finding spooky decor always gets me in the Halloween spirit, UNLESS I’m spending a ton of money on it (then it just gets me in a cranky spirit). I love going to the Dollar Tree for my Halloween decor – especially since some of the decorations may not be reusable (like the spider webs, or caution tape). This year, I did a quick wrap of our Fall hay bales, and easily turned them into a Halloween attraction, by only using Dollar Tree decor. I used: one bag of spider web decorations, Keep Out tape, and a garland of red Fall leaves. Voila! I also purchased some of their black rats and mini skeletons, but I won’t be setting those outside until closer to Halloween.

6. Enjoy some candy (without the guilt)

I love me some Halloween candy, but now that I’m trying to watch my sugar intake, I’ve been trying my best to stay away from candy. Smart Sweets has tasty candy without the guilt of tons of sugar! If you eat an entire bag of their Red Twists, you’ve only had 2g of sugar. I’ve had their candy before, so I can attest to the quality and flavor of their candy – limit your sugar intake, without *feeling* like you limited your sugar intake. LIFE HACK!

Those are a few of my favorite ways to get into the spooky season – I hope you enjoyed them! What’s your favorite?? Tell me below!


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