Meeting the Woman I’ve Always Wanted to Be

I met a woman this weekend that I thought I would never meet.

I’ve waited to meet her for a long time. She’s courageous, knows what she stands for, and won’t back down. She knows she’s not perfect, but she keeps trying anyway.

During some of my darkest hours I would pray to be her. I had a hard time living with the fact that I would probably never be like her.

She is someone who is strong, whose anxiety doesn’t keep her from doing things she wants to do, or seeing the people she loves. She hears the devil telling her she can’t do it, and she does it anyway.

This weekend, after years of prayer and hard work, I finally got to meet this woman.

And she was…me.

I AM this woman now, after years of having such a rough anxiety journey I conquered some of my heaviest fears and had the best weekend with friends whom I love dearly.

I think back to myself two years ago – a girl crying in the car because I just KNEW I was never going to beat the anxiety that was crippling me – and I continue praying for her. I don’t want her to EVER think she’s not strong enough to beat this, and I pray that prayer for you too.

Anxiety isn’t a death sentence. Your social life doesn’t have to die. Your travels don’t have to stop. Your nights don’t have to be sleepless.

There is hope, sisters. I’m living proof.

2 thoughts on “Meeting the Woman I’ve Always Wanted to Be

  1. Keep pushing, Jessa! You were always such a strong individual in High School and you’ve only gotten stronger. No matter how many times it seems like you break down; you always put yourself back in the hands of the greater Potter who knows how to put you back together. Stay the course! If anyone can, you can. Your kids, I’m sure, see you as a source of courage and will always admire you for that. God bless!


    1. I appreciate that!! I sure hope they see that courage and not the fear that a lot of times consumes me! I’m still a work in progress, but progress is always possible!


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