Kitchen Update: Dollar Tree Tile Sheets

A few weeks ago I decided to try something in our kitchen that I had seen done by another creative mama: Melanie over at Simple Made Pretty.

She has SO MANY great ideas, and one of her recent ones was to try Dollar Tree subway tile in her kitchen. Hers looked so good I decided to try it myself!

This was my kitchen before. If you like my stenciled linoleum, you can view that post here.

First, I ordered a box of subway tile sheets from Dollar Tree online. The case comes with 50 sheets, and since my local store didn’t carry the tile I went ahead and ordered a whole case. Plus, I didn’t yet know how many sheets my kitchen would take.

You can find the tile here. I had the case shipped directly to my house, but you can also choose to have it sent to your local store. Out of the 50 sheets, I actually used 26 of them. I was surprised!

At first glance, you definitely can’t tell it’s not real tile! The sheets definitely make the project finish quicker! But, be prepared to cut around every light switch and outlet, which is going to take some configuring and planning. Cutting around our window sill took the most time for me.

Here’s a closer look:

If you decide to do this project yourself, you will quickly notice that all the lines don’t match up completely. Dollar Tree didn’t make this the easiest when it comes to finding a way to seamlessly match up each sheet.

What I ended up doing was sticking them side by side, and then using a new sheet of tile to do a seam patch job. There will be two tiles per sheet that look like they’re cut in half, so take a new sheet, cut out the full tiles, and use a hot glue gun to glue that single tile over the seam.

Voila! Now you can’t tell where one sheet ends and another begins!

If you happen to give it a try, tag me on Instagram so I can see!


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