Pregnant Life with a Toddler.

Pregnant Life with a toddler

Being pregnant and chasing after a toddler can be hard work, but it can also be very rewarding.
As I literally speed through chores so that I can wash dishes and make sure my daughter doesn’t eat the trash, being pregnant seems like a hassle. There are days when I wish I was back to having the same amount of energy I had before I got pregnant. 

The fatigue of the third trimester is hitting me hard, and some days it is plain difficult to get things done.

But I wouldn’t change it for the world. A lot of times both kids are awake and active at the same time. 

At night, when I rock my daughter to sleep, her brother will gently kick nudge her belly through mine, and it’s a special moment to witness this early in their relationship.

Getting pregnant so soon was not always the plan. Before my husband and I started having kids, we planned on getting pregnant two years after we were married, and waiting another year or two before we had our second. The Lord had a different plan. 

We were pregnant by our first anniversary, and will now have two children under the age of two before our third anniversary.  I’ve written before about the responses we received after announcing our second pregnancy {read more here}. A lot of people thought we were crazy! And in some ways we are, but not for having kids so close together.

Being a parent is such a privilege.  When my daughter was about three months old, the baby fever was already hitting me! The incredible opportunities I had already witnessed through my daughter were enough to make me want more of them, and fast!

There are days that I realize how difficult it’s going to be when my son gets here. My daughter will still need me just as much, yet I’ll be tired, sore, and nursing again. 

I will be high in demand, but sometimes feel like there’s not enough of me to go around as-is! 

The first six months will probably be the hardest. I know that. But after that? Our kids will be a year apart in age, growing up together, playing together, and hopefully finding a friendship with each other that is irreplaceable.

That makes the whole experience worth it. 

Plus, I won’t even be 50 when my kids graduate college – and that’s not too bad either!

Did you have your kids close together, or think you might? What benefits have you seen from it? I’d love to hear!


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