Little Girl Bedroom Makeover

I don’t know about you, but it’s difficult for me to make decisions! Big ones, small ones, ones that involve painting a little girl’s bedroom. Let me tell you, this has been a journey!

My husband will tell you that he is never painting her room again…because he’s already done it twice! We decided on a darker pink the first time around, and after about a week of that I realized that I did not like that pink…at all. We settled on a lighter, more pastel pink, and I like that a lot more!

I will tell you a couple things about my daughter’s room before I post all the pictures here for you to critique look at:

1. These are real pictures – not staged pictures that you see on Pinterest or in a magazine. Yes, I cleaned the toys up off the floor. But that’s about it. I didn’t even think to dust beforehand (ew). So just know, you’re experiencing something very rare!

2. I’ve stressed and agonized over this room, and for what? Regardless of what color we decided to paint the walls, the little girl who experiences joy in this room couldn’t care less. She doesn’t care what theme we went with, whether or not all her crib bedding is coordinated, or if we purchased decorations from a department store or thrift.

3. The best, and most surprising, purchase we made for this room might have been the little white rug. I almost chose not to put that rug in her room because it didn’t seem to fit. I wanted something soft and white, but felt maybe I should have gotten a bigger rug. For several weeks (maybe even a month) I hid that rug in baby boy’s room. When I started back up in this room, moving things around & organizing, I brought the rug back in and it was a HUGE hit! We spend time on that rug everyday – rolling around, reading books, or just relaxing. That $20 purchase is really paying off!

And now, for all the pretty pictures!








Crib: Langley Post Exchange

Crib Bedding: Craig’s List & Babies R Us

Rocker: Bought off a neighbor for $40

Nightstand: Thrift Store find $20

Toy Chest: Built for me by my dad when I was little

Chevron Blackout Curtains:

Curtain Rods: IKEA

Rocking Horse: $3 find at Goodwill

Dresser & Mirror Set: Haynes Furniture

White Baskets: Burlington

Hanging Pom Poms: Tissue paper from Walmart, handmade for under $10

White Rug: TJ Maxx $20

Porcelain Elephant & Birds: TJ Maxx

Milk Glass Lamps: Flea Market finds

Poster: Graphic found online for free, printed at Walgreens $15 {with coupon}


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