Dear Moms, You Need To Hear This

Dear Mama,  You Need to%0A Hear This

Hey mama,

I know you don’t hear this very often, but you’re a good mom! 

 You do more things in a day than some people do in a whole week. 

Your multitasking skills are amazing

Your keen eye to detail allows you to spot a spill from one room over, and your quick reflexes save you the time to think in situations where you really don’t have time to think at all.

Some of the things you do go unnoticed. But I know you do them, and I know you do them well. Be proud of yourself!

I know sometimes you don’t think you’re cut out for this.

 Being a mother is a really hard job.

 It comes without training, without a handbook, and oftentimes without thanks. You work long hours and are unpaid. We all know you need a day off, but know that it probably won’t come until it’s long overdue. 

Yet, you keep working as hard as you can each day to do the most important work: raising your children.

Mama, you’re the best mom for your child. Don’t let anyone’s unasked-for advice make you feel differently. 

God gave you this baby, and decided that you would be the perfect mother to them. 

He knew what this baby would need years and years from now, and YOU were the mama equipped to satisfy those needs. Remember that. 

Remember it when they inevitably throw that tantrum, or when they’re a teenager and act like they don’t need you anymore.

 You can do this. You were chosen to do this!

Raising kids is hard. Forget about the dishes today – make your workload a little bit lighter. 

The chores can wait. 

Enjoy the babies you’ve put so much work and heart into. 

When you see them smile, know that you helped to put that smile on their face. 

When they giggle, let your heart be glad. You deserve to have a glad heart. 

You’re doing a great job, mama! Keep it up! And know that there are people around you that appreciate you and want you to know that.



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