Little Girl First Birthday Party

Well friends, I have a one year old now! Her birthday came and went, and it’s unbelievable that a year could go that fast.


I didn’t have a chance to do a party recap yesterday (due to wanting to spend some quality time with my baby on her actual birthday), so here’s the late post, today!

IMG_8460 - CopyWe had a great turnout to A’s first birthday party; she is a blessed girl to have so many people nearby that love and care for her {and for us too!} My goal was to keep the party decorations simple, but pretty. Noticeable, but not stressful. I was happy with the way everything turned out!

      IMG_8468 - Copy    IMG_8466 - Copy

I found the adorable printables for these banners & drinks {here}.


Me & the birthday girl!

IMG_8463 - Copy  IMG_8467 - Copy

IMG_8465 - Copy

Our dining room looks empty without all the food on the table, but who has time to take pictures when the food is ready??

         IMG_8464 - Copy  

IMG_8461 - CopyIMG_8458 - Copy

We tried to make this party special to our daughter, so pink & elephants were everywhere to be seen! We brought all her elephant toys down to the family room, provided animal crackers {a favorite} during dinner time, and had free-roaming balloons on the floor.

We made a last minute decision to give A her own cake to “smash,” and she settled on a chocolate Elmo cake with red icing {perfect, right?} She loved it!

cake2cake1  cake3

She was very particular about the way in which she picked at the icing, until Daddy came and helped her mash up the cake. After that, it was handfuls of cake all over the place! The best part was when she took handfuls and offered them to different guests {right before she started painting the back of her high chair with it}! She is such a sweet girl; it’s fun getting to see her personality really start to shine.

After the party winded down, Daddy and I had to just sit down and reflect. Did we really just complete our daughter’s first birthday party? Did this just happen? There are some moments in life that, despite all your planning for them, happen so quickly you can’t help but have to stop and catch your breath afterwards. This was one of those moments.


We made it! We survived all the moments we thought we couldn’t! Those sleepless nights that seemed unbearable, the tantrums, the extremely stinky poopy diapers, the breastfeeding, the teething – we conquered them all! We’re no experts, but phew! do we know a lot after this first year.

The Lord has immensely blessed us, and we are so thankful to be this little girl’s parents. We love you baby girl!


2 thoughts on “Little Girl First Birthday Party

  1. Glad you are realizing how fast it goes and so I am sure that you making sure you enjoy it and all and are not rushing her stages!!!!! Everything looks so pretty!!!!


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