Toddler Easter Crafts

I know for most people, publishing a blog post on Easter crafts after Easter doesn’t make sense. But, that’s ok – it doesn’t have to make sense! I’m going to post one today anyway.

We didn’t do a lot in the way of preparing for Easter this year. It’s been a crazy time of life, so we were doing good to get one Easter print done for family in time for the weekend (sorry out-of-country family that hasn’t received theirs yet!)

I settled on something simple, but cute. And, ta-da! There you have it!

Easter Crafting

Tools needed to make this craft: 

– A piece of colored paper

– An empty frame

– white acrylic paint

– pink paint

– a sharpie

– scissors

To make: 

Cut the paper to be the same size as the frame you will be using later. Then, wrangle your child’s hand so that you can paint the palm and only the first and third finger with the white acrylic paint. Lay the hand and fingers down {as best you can} to make the bunny hand print. After it dries, add the pink nose and two lines for the ears. Once all the paint is dry, draw on the bunny’s mouth, eyes, and whiskers. I came up with my “some bunny says Happy Easter!” saying, but “some bunny loves you!” or “some bunny is thinking of you!” would be adorable as well. I think they turned out pretty darn cute!

Easter Crafting

My parents also gave us a cute set of prints for Easter:

Easter Crafting

This was done obviously using baby feet for the butterfly wings, and drawing on the antennae with a sharpie. They chose to print theirs on a canvas, which makes for a sweet keepsake!

Easter Crafting

Did you make any crafts for Easter? If so, what ideas did you come up with? I’d love to hear!


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