10 Life Lessons I Learned From My Infant

Surely babies teach new parents a thing or two in their first year {or days} of life! These are just a few things my little one has taught me over the course of 11 months:

1. It’s ok to cry!

It’s inevitable that we are going to hit our breaking point sooner or later. Babies have taught me that sometimes, it just feels better to cry, and move on.

2. If you’ve got gas, don’t hold it in!

This one kind of speaks for itself. Better out than in, I always say!

3. It’s cute to smile, even if you don’t have teeth.

Whether you’re a baby, or a senior citizen, rock that gummy smile! It’s contagious!

4. Laugh until you get the hiccups!

I love it when A laughs so hard she hiccups {which happens almost every time we really get her laughing}! If that’s not an indicator of a good time, I don’t know what is!

5. Celebrate the small things.

Whether it’s being able to feed yourself for the first time, or finding the closest parking spot at Target, the small things are worth celebrating!

6. Being happy to see people impacts them.

I can’t tell you how special I feel when my baby’s face lights at the sight of me! If we applied this to our grown up lives, I guarantee more people would be glad to see us too.

7. Love unconditionally, and forgive quickly.

I was terrified that my daughter would never forgive me for letting her slide down a couple stairs and knock her head on the banister. It bruised, and was terrible, and yet I was still the first person she wanted after it happened. Babies don’t hold grudges, and neither should we.

8. Lean on others when things get too hard.

I’ve learned that there should be no shame in asking others for help. Sometimes, the bottle is just too heavy.

9. Your mom loves it when you give her hugs. And that probably applies to everyone.

True that.

10. A lot of change happens in a short period of time, so take notice – and cherish every day!

This photo was taken ELEVEN months ago. I can’t believe it. Time really does fly, and the special moments are worth taking time for, and cherishing. These are the moments you want to remember.



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