A Bench from Goodwill.

The husband and I are fortunate to live near a brand new Goodwill store, and not too far from a Goodwill outlet. We go there regularly, visiting other thrift stores we pass on the way.

We are not the type of people to pass up a good deal on a piece of furniture just because it’s been loved on by someone else. My cherry wood dining room table was found on the side of the road {and stripped of its forest green paint}, and the chair that sits in the corner of our bedroom was found in a neighbor’s yard {yes, I’m sure they were getting rid of it}.

A couple months ago, my hubby was out on his day off browsing Goodwill and came across a long, wooden, leather bench. I jumped onto Face time with him so that I could give him the thumbs up or thumbs down. We had been talking about finding a bench for our bedroom.

The corners of the leather were a little torn, and there were a few scratches on the legs. In our minds, these were all things that could easily be repaired. After giving him the thumbs up, we made plans for the future of the bench.

It’s taken me a while to get around to it, I confess. I wasn’t sure what fabric I wanted to use to cover the busted up leather, and the hubby said he would give the legs a dark stain finish to match the rest of our bedroom furniture.

A couple weekends ago I made the move and bought some fabric!

Goodwill bench {before}
Goodwill bench {after}

I found this faux fur fabric at Joann’s and the mahogany stain is from Home Depot.  It’s funny what a simple change in fabric can do for a plain piece of furniture!

Also, as I’m sure you can so easily tell – these are NOT professional pictures. They’re not even pictures taken on my fancy camera the husband bought me for my birthday last year {because in real life, projects sometimes can’t take place until the baby is in bed, leaving little-to-no sunlight to work with when taking pictures}.

More home projects to come!


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