Our Gender Reveal

Announcing A Gender Reveal

As soon as we found out we were pregnant in 2013, I wanted to know what we were having.  Would I be buying bows for her wispy hairs, or bow ties to fit his handsome face? My husband and I couldn’t wait!

It’s not different the second time around.

We’ve been asked, “Are you still finding out with your second?” YES. I love knowing – I love trying to imagine that little girl face, or that little boy grin, when I rub my ever-stretching belly. I want my dreams for them to be specific, and I want to be well-equipped when we plan.

That’s not saying that the parents who choose to wait are poor planners or that they are not eager to find out the gender of their baby. To each their own!

That being said, we now know that we are having a…..

10408126_10152601372735938_9072649772794555013_n (1)


We couldn’t be more excited! Our family feels complete {for now}. It is so exciting to think of our daughter as a big sister, and how lucky this little one will be when he enters the world.

I’m not gonna lie: part of me is a little nervous! This is all uncharted territory. We’ve never changed boy diapers before – is it the same? Different? Harder? We can’t wait to figure it all out though!

For the record, my intuition was right, and now the hubby owes me one movie {in theaters} of my choice, that he can’t complain about! Victory is sweet.

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