A Letter to My Daughter: While You Were Napping

Dear daughter,

While you were napping today, I had a chance to catch my breath and think about things. I started thinking about our days together, and how much fun we have. We run, and play, and read books, and laugh, and snuggle. A lot of our days are so much fun! You are learning so much – you impress me with each new word you learn to say, and how you recognize buildings along the street that we pass everyday.

I thought about the way you’re growing up, and how much your brother looks up to you. He is so excited to see you in the morning! He smiles and runs to your door as I open it so that he can greet you at your crib. You affectionately call him “Bubbi” now, and he knows you as “Sissy.”

I thought about how tired I am every nap time, and how some days – honestly – I can’t wait until you lay down. Not because I don’t love spending time with you, but because Mommy needs her time alone too. Mommy can’t always spend the whole day around people without feeling exhausted – and that’s ok. You will learn that some people thrive on spending time with people while others require time alone to re-energize.

I imagined what you will be like when you grow up – if you will still be such a little extrovert, or if you will start to withdraw into yourself and be a thinker. You are so wonderful the way you are now! I know you will be an extraordinary little person who does great things.

And I hope you know that you can do great things. I hope that I never hold you back, or discourage you to do the things you know you can do. I hope you learn your strengths, and hold on to that confidence. Continue to love people the way you do now, and find the good in them, because it’s there if you look.

Lay in the grass and look up into the trees and let your imagination run wild – I hope to see the amazement in your eyes the future the way I do now.

While you were napping today, I missed and loved you so much. I always do, and I always will.



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