For Moms, When Your Days Are Long


We are smack dab in the middle of some rough times, y’all.

Our son refuses to sleep longer than two hour stretches at night, and our daughter has a giant personality that sometimes chooses to manifest itself by running circles around me or screaming for no reason.

These days are hard.

And sometimes these days make it hard to find joy in anything.

The days drag on, and some days I wish I didn’t have to acknowledge the crying in the other room. Sleeping in? What’s that?

But joy is there.We just have to find it, and cling to it.

Yesterday my daughter walked up to me, and in all seriousness muttered “poop” before she ran off and grabbed a cleaned diaper and wipes. It was hilarious!

A few days back my son crawled after my daughter underneath our dining room table, and for probably 15 minutes they played and chased each other in between the chairs. It was heartwarming!

Earlier this week my son gained his confidence and took his first steps. He’s walking! Like, really walking now – all the way across a room without falling. It’s unbelievable.


Those moments are there. But on a day where they are both acting like maniacs at music class – screaming and carrying on – I just don’t see it.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the snacks on the floor, the fact that your child isn’t sleeping as long as you would like at all, and defiant toddler antics.

Cling tight to your joy, where ever you find it.

Hold on to it, and don’t let go of it as long as you can.


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