How Anxiety Affects Your Love Life

If you’re someone who struggles with anxiety, or your mental health in general, this may be pretty self-explanatory for you. But if you’re the partner who doesn’t struggle with these things…listen up.

Anxiety changes over time. Anxiety is pretty fluid – which means it ebbs and flows over time. Things that used to trigger you don’t now (yay!) but now there are new triggers (boo!). This can make it hard for your partner to understand what’s happening with you, or know how to handle it. Open communication with your partner about what you’re experiencing and what helps you during your anxious moments is key.

Anxiety can come across as anger. Sometimes anxiety manifests itself as anger or annoyance. It’s important for your partner to understand that just because you snap at them doesn’t mean you’re mad “at” them. It could also mean that you’re over stimulated, fatigued, or that your anxiety was triggered in that moment. It’s not your partner’s job to determine why you snapped though; it’s your responsibility to identify your anxiety & communicate that to your partner.

Anxiety makes your partner feel helpless. Understanding is important in any relationship,. but especially in a relationship where one partner suffers from chronic anxiety. Being the partner without anxiety can feel very helpless. If your partner has never experienced anxiety in the same way you do, it is hard for them to understand what you’re going through. Be patient with them as they learn how to understand you better & help you when you’re most anxious.

If you’re the partner with anxiety, what else would you add?


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