The #1 Weighted Blanket to help with Anxiety

I’ve been testing out a new weighted blanket for a while now (I tried them for the first time in October of 2021) – so I thought it was time I shared this with you guys here on the blog!

These knit weighted blankets by Nuzzie are so comfortable (and stylish, which doesn’t hurt). The queen sized blanket (featured in my picture) weighs about 20 pounds, whereas a full size blanket weighs about 15. They’re heavy enough that you feel the weight, but not so heavy that you’re struggling to move it.

It’s breathable, machine washable, and sustainably made – each blanket is recycled from 500+ plastic bottles.

I like the queen size because it’s wide enough for both me and my hubby to fit underneath (even though we all know I’m hogging the blanket most of the night).

If you’re interested in trying them out, be sure to use my code 15_Jessa for 15% off your order price!


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