Unpacking Perspectives Interview: A Glimpse into My Past

A big thank you to Nicole Davidson, host of the Unpacking Perspectives podcast, for hosting me and for chatting about so many things that I think you’ll enjoy!

I wanted to share this episode because it covers so many things: where I started in college, what I thought my life would be like growing up, how my anxiety has influenced my life and career path, and where I find myself now.

Maybe you’re considering going back to school, but something is holding you back. Or you’re in school and the one thing you’d really love to do just doesn’t seem like a good career goal.

Maybe you don’t know what to do, and that’s stressful in itself. I have experienced each of those feelings in the last 15 years, and I talk about all of it on todays episode.

I also talk about why I started my blog here, and I’m always happy to share the dreams I had for this blog when it first got started.

If you check out the podcast, let me know what you think down in comments! And be sure to leave Nicole a rating, and follow her if you enjoyed it! You can listen to the podcast here.

As always, thanks for being here!


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