New Year’s Eve Activities with Kids

I decided to throw together a little last minute blog post with some links to the things I’m thinking of doing with the kids tonight. For reference, my kids are currently 5 & 6 and will NOT be staying up until midnight (because, why?).

I wanted to do a little something together since my husband will be working and it’ll just me and the kids. I hope you enjoy!

New Year’s Eve Coloring Sheets

Fireworks in a Jar

Gratitude Banner (to write in what we are grateful for)

Party Hats to color

A whole collection of other ideas I found here.

I plan to also swing by the dollar tree and pick up some noise makers and maybe a NYE banner/balloons if they have some. No need to go all crazy this year with the decor!

Are you staying up and doing anything this year for New Year’s Eve? It looks so different this year, there’s no shame in switching things up and actually going to bed early tonight!

Start the year off well rested and energized! 🙂 and be safe! If you enjoyed this post, please click the button below!


One thought on “New Year’s Eve Activities with Kids

  1. My youngest is a ridiculous night owl so I’ll probably be up that late watching puppy dog pals with him until who knows when haha


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