Go on an Adventure with The Adventure Challenge!

*my original post for The Adventure Book was sponsored – this blog post is not; all thoughts and views are my own.

When’s the last time you went on an adventure with your family?

We were so excited to go out with The Adventure Challenge book as a family, and see what memories we could make together!

This book acts as a scrapbook to document your adventures, while also giving you the ideas for the adventures themselves!

Start off by choosing a page, and scratching off the gray box – the only rule is NO take backs! Once you scratch it off, you’re supposed to go through with it (part of the adventure, haha). Each adventure gives you an idea of what to expect – the description will tell you if there is an additional cost for supplies, about how long it’ll take, if you need to go out somewhere or stay at home, or if the adventure is better done during the day or at night.

Once your adventure is set, set off on your trip with your polaroid camera, and have fun!

Each adventure is designed to help you get to know each other more and build on your most important relationships.

Take a picture of the day, and then peel off the sticky strip included in the adventure book, and keep a polaroid there to commemorate the day. Write a brief description of your adventure, and move on to the next one! (or save it for another day)

For our adventure, we were told to drive to a park or ice cream shop, and create a funny recorded video along the way. Each person was to create ten seconds of a story before passing it along to the next person. After a few rounds, your story is done! We went through the circle several times because the kids had so much fun!

If you’re interested in purchasing your own, don’t forget to use code SUMMERISCOMING when you check out for a discount!

This was such a fun way to shake things up and have a good time together! I highly recommend it.


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