What Lies On the Other Side of Fear

There have been days in my past that have left me hopeless. I’ve felt stranded in my own home, afraid to leave and angry for staying — I was paralyzed by the fear that was controlling my life.

I didn’t talk about it much; only those close to me  knew the seriousness of the issues  I was dealing with. I lived in darkness, with no hope for my future. For all I knew, I would be like this for the rest of my life.

At my darkest moments, I didn’t want to live this life anymore if it meant I was going to live it this way.

I laid in bed, crying, unsure of what to do.

When anxiety has that tight of a grip on our lives, it’s time to make a change. It’s crucial that we make a change. It’s time to fight for our quality of life.

My biggest fear became that I would now fail at “fixing myself.” What if I tried to get better but couldn’t? What if I told myself it was ok to drive to the store, but I couldn’t make it without having a panic attack?

What if I told myself I was safe, but fear crept in anyway?

What if I didn’t feel like everything was ok?

What if I tried, and failed?

Through trial and error, failures and successes, I got to a point where the fear became less and less. The same situations that used to trigger my anxiety stopped bothering me.

I could leave the house without fear.

I could drive without fear.

I could sleep without fear.

And friends, that’s a great feeling. I pray that you begin to find the confidence to challenge yourself to take the first step towards fighting that fear – whatever that means in your own life.

You can do it, I believe in you – and you owe it to yourself to at least try.


One thought on “What Lies On the Other Side of Fear

  1. You really do post some encouraging and inspiring words, Jessa. Seeing your words is making me question my own fears: abandoning retail work to give full commitment to God (even at the risk of financial disaster) and publishing a Novella series I have put a lot of work into. Fear is stopping me because I’ve done neither of these things and Im scared of horrifying criticism for my work and leaving my family homeless because of my commitment to God. I should leave it to God, but something is keeping me from givitn 110% to take that leap


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