A Little Closet Makeover 

My argument has always been that Pinterest isn’t a problem as long as using it is productive. I’ve made several delicious meals by it, and now I’ve got another Pinterest success for the books!

I like to browse ideas for my home – whether it be paint colors, room decor, or in this case home improvements.

We have a very small entryway. When you walk in the house, there is a closet to your left and a wall to your right. There is barely any room to walk, or turn around. I have been looking for ideas on how to decorate this small space when I came across an even better idea: turning our closet into an entryway nook!

Here is the picture I saw on Pinterest:

Seemed simple enough. I mentioned it to my dad to see if he, along with his carpentry expertise, could help my husband put this together in a weekend. To my surprise, my parents decided to install this nook as my  birthday present in July. I love it! I don’t think it could have turned out better!

Take a look:


As a part of this installation, we also got a new floor. The laminate previously laid down needed to be replaced, so we choose a faux tile that turned out looking great!

The nook has two shelves and seven coat hooks. The inside walls are covered in white beadboard (which I LOVE). There is enough room beneath the bench to hide shoes, or set a few baskets. I plan on adding baskets to each shelf as well to hide knick knacks and board games. It’s great, and it makes the entry way look much bigger! Thanks mom and dad!


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