What I Didn’t Think About Before Having Two Kids Under Two.

I’ve been called superwoman lately for being 37 weeks pregnant with a 14 month old. To an extent, I want to disagree with that. And then I think about how difficult it really has been preparing to have two little ones under two years old! There are some things I just didn’t think through.

What I didn't think about...

Like, how morning sickness will hit and I’ll probably be laying down my seven-month-old for a nap when it comes. The one day I got sick in my first trimester, I was sitting in the rocking chair putting my daughter down for a nap. Suddenly, the cold sweat started, and I was torn between, “do I throw her in the crib and bolt to the bathroom?” or, “am I crazy? She needs to go to sleep and I will just keep my mouth closed.” I opted for the former, and called my husband home from work while I hunched over the toilet. Unfortunately morning sickness, much like ligament pains, don’t differentiate and pass us by just because we’re mothering a baby while we’re pregnant {though that would be the thoughtful thing to do}.

Also, it’s difficult to keep up with my walking {but more like running} 1 year old. She loves to be held and loves for me to be on the floor playing with her, and mommy just can’t do that – especially in jeans. When I’m on the floor, I’m there to stay. I can’t do this up and down charade just because I forgot something on the top of the dresser. Most days, if something falls to the floor it’s just lost. Gone. Forever. It’s not worth the effort of slowly bending over, uncomfortably heaving as I stand back up, waking up baby boy and potentially encouraging him to move to a different – more uncomfortable – position.

When I carry my daughter, poor brothers head bears down on my cervix since, as you might guess, she’s sitting right on top of him. I’ve built up pretty good arm strength as I’ve carried her there, positioned so that her legs straddle my growing bump. Anymore, she probably thinks it’s strange for anyone with a flat stomach to carry her around.

As I continue rocking her to sleep at night, my poor baby girl is being gradually squished into the space between my belly and the rocker arm rest. My belly cushions her as I give her the bottle, and her legs have moved from wrapping around my torso to laying along the length of my legs.

All of these changes have been gradual, and haven’t caught either one of us completely by surprise. She’s not uncomfortable when I lay her down, because mommy’s belly has slowly been growing and pushing her. She has even become quite fond of my belly – hugging it and patting it on occasion. She very well may be the only one disappointed to see it flat again!

There are a few things I didn’t think about before getting pregnant a second time. But what I was thinking about was how exciting having a new baby in the home is! How sweet those gassy smiles are, and how they smell in their first few weeks of life. The feeling I get when I nurse a baby to sleep and know that I’m the one they trust – I’m their whole world! I am safe to them, and they love me without even thinking.

I was thinking about how much fun it would be to carry our two babies together, and go out as a family of four. About the smile on my daughter’s face when she rubs her brother’s hair and gives him a kiss on the forehead. About them growing up together, close in age, hopefully great friends. I can almost see them running around the backyard next year, shrieking with excitement because we hooked the sprinkler up for them to run through. I was thinking about how full my heart will be in just a few short weeks.

Before my daughter was born, I thought my heart was pretty full. I had given it to a man for six years, and he had cherished it, molded it, and loved it right back. And then she was born, and I didn’t think my heart was big enough to contain all the love I felt for her so quickly. And now, I don’t know what I’m going to do with all the love overflowing out of every part of me! Besides invest it in the little people I’ve been entrusted with raising, loving and nurturing. I can’t wait!


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