What I’m Packing in My Hospital Bag (The Second Time Around)

Now that I’ve done the whole having a baby thing, I’m such an expert! (insert hysterical laughter here)

But seriously, it’s funny how quickly your perspective on a lot of things changes after you have your first child. As I packed my hospital bag a few days ago, I thought through all the things I thought I needed when my daughter was born and how it compared with the things I’m bringing this time around.

What I'm Packing in My Hospital Bag

What I didn’t need the first time: 

  • Underwear. That was wishful thinking! I quickly discovered that I would much rather be wearing the mesh granny panties they give you at the hospital! And trust me, they give you plenty so there’s no need to bring (and ruin) your own pair of underwear.
  • A cute going home outfit. I left the hospital in a dress. And even though I felt good about it at the time, I changed as soon as I got home. I could have avoided that entire hassle of having to bend over and change again by leaving in a t shirt and yoga pants.
  • Books to read/things to do. What down time did I think I was going to have? When I got to the hospital I was in too much pain to sit down and read a book. After I gave birth, when there weren’t people in my room I just wanted to sleep. Again, wishful thinking.

What I’m bringing this time: 

  • A nursing bra. This was one purchase I didn’t think I would need to make. Even though I’m sure I could have nursed my child in a regular bra, it’s going to be so much easier already having my nursing bra first thing.
  • My prenatals. Anyone that really knows me will tell you how much I hate taking pills. Hate. So typically I just don’t take them. I can’t really do that while I’m pregnant, so instead of swallowing the nasty horse pills doctors want to prescribe me, I opt for the gummy vitamins {and take any supplements that I might need later}. When I was in the hospital with my first, I didn’t even think about the nurses forcing me to take prenatals while I was there. I hate to admit that I couldn’t do it {many tears were shed, and it was quite the spectacle}. This time around? I’m bringing my gummy vitamins.
  • Outfits for baby. You read that right – I didn’t bring onesies for my daughter to wear when she was in the hospital. She was a naked little thing all swaddled in her hospital blanket for two days, and that was alright. My mom gave me the going home outfit I wore 24 years prior, and that’s what my daughter wore home, but besides that – no clothes. I’ve packed two outfits for baby boy to wear in the hospital {if we choose to dress him}. I also packed a blanket for him that we can use if we decide to not want the hospital blankets around him all day.
  • My nursing pillow. Even though overall I felt this pillow wasn’t helpful to me while I nursed my daughter, the boppy pillow was helpful in keeping my muscles from straining too much when I held her. I plan on bringing the boppy so that baby boy can lay on it while I, or others, hold him. Even though I am used to carrying my 20+ pound daughter around, my arms aren’t used to the strain a newborn typically puts on your arms at first.
  • My ring sling carrier. I didn’t know anything about baby wearing before I had my daughter. Since then, I’ve accumulated 4-5 carriers/wraps and love all of them! They are each helpful in different stages of baby wearing, depending on how old the baby is and how much they weigh. The ring sling is good for quick baby wearing {i.e. running into the grocery store for two items, or walking in and out of the bank}, and it’s also good for wearing tiny babies close to mama’s chest. I am so excited to make my first rounds through the hospital with baby boy strapped to my chest! {Assuming I can stand easily on my own} After my daughter was born, I walked around the hospital pushing her in her bassinet. That was completely fine since I was pretty much using it as a crutch. If I’m able, I will carry baby boy around in his sling as much as possible.

Throw in some toiletries, lounge pants, maternity shirts, and t shirts, I’m all set! The countdown has already started: t minus 4 weeks until we see our sweet boy’s face!


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