Advice For Other Type-A Parents

If you're a Type A personality (like me) parenting can sometimes be very difficult for you. Between the messes, the chaos, and never being on time (like, never), parenting can be somewhat stressful and most definitely gets your blood boiling. In an effort to ease the difficulties I've faced in parenting, I've figured out a few … Continue reading Advice For Other Type-A Parents


How To Talk To Your Kids About Anxiety

If you're anything like me, explaining anxiety...can give you anxiety. Especially when trying to explain it to kids. I've struggled with anxiety for many years. It started when I was young, and progressively got more serious over time. What started as a "nervous stomach" before piano recitals transformed into panic attacks driving down the road. … Continue reading How To Talk To Your Kids About Anxiety

Mastering the Tantrum Phase

There it is, I said it. That dreaded “t” word…TANTRUM. You’re a parent, so you know what I’m talking about. The screaming and the kicking. The can’t-take-your-kid-anywhere-because-they-are-a-ticking-time-bomb. The “no, I can’t go out tonight because they kids aren’t well,” excuses because really, you just don’t want to have your kid out in public. EVER AGAIN. … Continue reading Mastering the Tantrum Phase